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Personal Training with Renee (see her bio on "About the Practioners page)

Based on information I gather during your Fitness Assessment, I will design a Customized Fitness Program that includes cardio, strength, and flexibility training.**

Session Package Fees:

4    one-hour sessions @ $50 ea:       $200

8    one-hour sessions @ $45 ea:       $360

12  one-hour sessions @ $40 ea:       $480


**A Fitness Assessment is required for all new clients

Fitness Assessment includes: determination of current muscular strength, endurance and flexibility, cardiovascular exercise assessment; health history review as it pertains to exercise; body fat percentage analysis; exercise history.    $35

Assessment fee will be waived with any package purchase

Core Training with Renee

A Core Fitness Assessment and a 6-week training program designed specifically to strengthen your core muscles (abs, hips & lower back): two sessions per week.   $150

Level 1 - for beginners

Level 2 - to further strengthen your core

Level 3 - to challenge your current core training                                  


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